EUROGEN 2017 International Conference

The Naval Engineering School of the Technical University of Madrid hosted the 12th edition of the EUROGEN conference. Design Methods was present in Madrid with two work titled “Progresses in Fluid Structure Interaction Numerical Analysis Tools within the EU CS RIBES Project” and “Multi-objective Optimization of A-Class Catamaran Foils Adopting a Geometric parameterization Based on RBF Mesh Morphing”.

ANSYS Hall of fame 2016

Deisgn Methods wins the ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition

A study titled “Coupled Sail and Appendage Design Method for Multihulls based on Numerical Optimization“, conducted by Design Methods, was awarded by ANSYS as one of the best-in-class simulation of the year within the annual Hall of Fame competition. The competition acts as a method to showcase some of the most complex engineering simulation by images or animations representative of the work. Design Methods presented an image describing the typical numerical analysis involved in the research project.

EASN logo

EASN 5th International Workshop on Aerostructure

The results of the activities performed within the RIBES and RBF4AERO EU projects were presented at the fifth edition of the EASN International Workshop on Aerostructure which was held in Manchester (UK) from 2nd to 4th of September. The presented work, titled “Structural Optimization of a Wing for Wind Tunnel Testing Through Mesh Morphing”, was developed in collaboration with D’Appolonia and the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.